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Welcome to Summer

Elif Geris

Summer is here

Introduce your summer ears to Kid A, Darius and Princess Chelsea

With a beat that sounds like a rapper is about to yell in your ear about his days on the front stoop, comes the surprise attack of Kid A’s soft lamenting words of regret. Varying synth sounds leak in every minute or so, and a whammy guides the listeners of BB Bleu through lost memories with a few simple vocal refrains. Kid A’s voice fades out along with the synth motifs, as the soft waves of a sea would brush over the imprints of a sweet past. The sporadic knocks sweep out a life’s moment that was too hopeful for reality anyway.

Slip gently into a summer that frees your mind of the glorious memories and join Darius in Maliblue. This piece’s bass will take you floating across a lazy river of much deserved absent-mindedness, and you will finally allow yourself to smell the sweet breeze. Expect more with these additional synth sounds and join the bliss that has been awaiting you since the moment you lost it.

Float into a candy colored carnival with Princess Chelsea’s The Cigarette Duet. While the duet sings of the simplicity of limiting one’s own desires, this song conveys a disappointment shared by two individuals. Acceptance is the aspiration here, and like stars, the guitar emits a twinkling melody of wonder. Like miniature twinkles, the couple tries to be gentle with one another, and this song is the epitome of gentle reparation of the soul.

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