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Apple introduces the iPad Air and product updates

Jess Smith

The new iPad Air will be priced at $499

The new iPad Air will be sleeker, faster and more compact for the consumer

Apple just never stops, does it? It looks like the iPad Air will be at the top of the list this holiday season. With the MacBook Air taking off as much as it did, it’s no wonder that a sleeker, more compact iPad would become a creation.

On Tuesday night, during an Apple event in San Francisco, Apple executives revealed a fresh new product line that will feature a MacBook Pro with a more high definition “retina” display, as well as the new iPad Air, which will weigh 1 pound, opposed to the 1.4 pounds it weighed previously.

The iPad Air will also run on the brand new A7 chip, which would make this iPad 72 times faster than it’s predecessors. It will have an updated camera that will take crystal clear pictures. The iPad Air will also keep it’s 9.7 inch screen. The new Apple iPad’s will come in the colors white, gray, silver and black and will start at the price of $499. Those who want their iPad stocked with 4G LTE capabilities need to pay $629.

The iPad Air is set to go on sale November 1, just in time for teens everywhere to collectively ask their parents for iPad Airs during this holiday season. In addition to the iPad Air, the iPad mini underwent a makeover with the more compact device receiving a brand new retina display, which will feature graphics at the top of the high resolution pack.

Apple has made these revelations just in time to compete with their competition. Microsoft’s latest tablets the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 which went on sale yesterday.

Laptops and desktops will be getting their usual updates with promises of faster, clearer, and more powerful operating systems. The much buzzed about Mac Pro also finally received a price tag on it with it being placed at $2,999.

It was also revealed that Mac OSX software will be free for anyone who has bought a Mac computer since 2007. Mac’s other software such as iMovie, Garageband and iWork will also be getting exclusive updates and will be available for free to people who purchase new Macs.

Even though these updates are some amazing updates, Apple fans were looking for something bigger in store. Where forward-thinking seemed to be the dream of Steve Jobs, the new Apple heads are focusing more on marketing, rather than the futuristic wonder that had made so many fall in love with Apple in the first place. However, the year isn’t over yet so maybe Apple plans to end 2013 with a bang.

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