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We review the "Smite" vaporizer and it's pretty nice

Editorial Staff

The Smite has a deep chamber for optimal packing

We rate this one 4 puffs out of 5

The cannabis industry has become so prevalent that vaporizers come in so many different shapes, sizes and price range that it is a complete industry on it’s own. Not only do the quality of the herbs determine your smoking experience, but the quality of the hardware is equally important. ZEUSArsenal is a company that has a nice array of different equipment under their brand, and their newest effort “Smite” is probably their best yet.

Discreetness-3 puffs out of 5

Pen vapes are all the rage now days because of its tiny compact size and for the simple fact that it looks exactly like an e-cigarette, so it is very discreet.  The problem with pen vapes is they often don’t hit as hard as most would like and they can’t be filled with a lot of herb, which makes clogging easier. The “Smite” fixes all of these problems because it is not a pen vape, but it is small and sleek enough to still be discreet. I have used it in public and no one has really noticed.

Portability- 4 puffs out of 5

The “Smite” vaporizer comes fully stocked with a mouthpiece, charger, cleaning brush, packing tool, spare screens and instruction manual. The vaporizer stores its mouthpiece conveniently in the bottom of the vaporizer. You can also store the cleaning tool and screens in there.  The whole piece fits nicely in your hand and can easily slip into a purse or a pocket.

How Does It Smoke? 5 puffs out of 5

The chamber on the “Smite” is really deep, you can fit a couple grams in there, but I would keep it to one just to prevent clogging.  The “Smite” hits pretty hard. It has 3 heat settings, but even on the lowest setting you can get a good hit out of it. The “Smite” is a very smooth vaping experience. Even if no smoke is coming out, you can be sure that the “Smite” is doing its job. It is important to remember this because even if it appears to not be working, it is and you don’t want to be going overboard.

Affordability 5 puffs out of 5

The “Smite” is definitely on the lower tier of price ranges for vaporizers that are similar builds. At $129, you would normally be paying nearly $100 more. This definitely makes the “Smite” for people such as college students, who are on a budget, but want a nice vaporizer to add to their collection.

Overall I would rate the “Smite” 4 out of 5 puffs. Check out the “Smite” for yourself HERE.

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