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Walk of Shame Has a Story to Tell

Mike Gregory

        Set to premier on March 18th at 9p.m., “Walk of Shame” is a VH1 reality show that gives viewers a look into the lives of college students and others, who talk about their sexual exploits from the previous night. Both men and women are asked about their adventures in the “Hookup Culture”, and to some, their confessions may surprise you.

        The show’s creator Kellyann Wargo is a University of Michigan graduate and the premise of the show is based off of her college days when she says that she always got calls from friends, all of the time, usually early morning, looking to get a ride home from a recent late-night romp. She got so many calls that she thought that this would be an excellent way to make some cash on the side, so she got her chauffer’s license, a ride, and turned it into a business. For $5.00, a passenger could get a ride home, a bottle of water, and a high-five.

        Though filmed in California now, she’d initially posted a video about her business from her University of Michigan stomping grounds on YouTube. The video went viral, prompting entertainment officials to come calling, and now she is the face of her own reality series. Wargo stated in a news interview, “They’re hung over, tired, and maybe a little regretful.” Wargo says that her job as a driver is to cheer them up, get them to open up about the experience, and let them know that they made it through the night and got laid.

         Some critics have rushed in, claiming that the show makes light on a behavior that is neither healthy, nor helpful and that the show may make young viewers feel bad about themselves. Wargo, however, states that she believes the walk of shame is a common part of the college experience and should be explored on TV. She insisted, “We’re not trying to embarrass or make fun of anyone. People sleep with each other. It happens.”

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