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Use Tabletote Laptop Stands!

Kayley Loveridge


There’s no denying that college life is a compact life. Space is a luxury that no one gets to enjoy. Laptops are a necessity, but being comfortable using them isn’t always doable. Students at campuses across the globe can be seen studying with their laptops on the ground or on their laps. Not having something to put your laptop on can be extremely inconvenient. A portable workspace would be the perfect remedy.

Tabletote Portable Compact Lightweight Adjustable Laptop Stands is an incredible solution. Students have found so many ways to use it at school. It can be used as a standing workstation instead of sitting for hours. Place it on top of an existing structure to debate with your opponent. It can also be used as a projector stand, great for video presentations.

It’s lightweight and small enough to fit in your backpack, suitcase or computer bag. This makes for easy portability anywhere. On those beautiful sunny or fall days you can take it camping, or to the beach. When you’re hanging out around the quad, take it to your favorite spot around campus to eat your lunch on. Just place your drink in the cup holder.  It holds beverages, pens, and even your phone without consuming your laptop space. When taking a break from studying, it’s still sturdy enough to play videos game on, card games, and board games. The uses for Tabletote are practically limitless.

Tabletote is highly functional and set up takes literally less than a minute. Best of all, the compact capabilities allow you to use it without taking up a lot of space. Store it under your bed, couch, or any small area. This is perfect for using in dorm rooms. You can replace that bulky desk completely to make your side of the room a little more spacious. Sharing the restroom is a part of college life, but transform this product into your very own vanity table. Now you can get ready for events in your room by using Tabletote to apply your makeup. The list goes on and on for how you can use this product.

Tabletote’s laptop stands are unique and different—not just another “me too!” product.

  • COMPACT—With a folded up size of 13” (L) x 10” (W) x 2” (H),Tabletote is easy to transport and fits in most laptop bags and backpacks.
  • PORTABLE—Because of its compact size, it is easy to move from one place to another.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT—Weighs less than 3 lbs, so it is not a burden to carry.
  • ADJUSTABLE—Telescoping legs allow for height adjustment, from 12 inches to 29 inches, so you can use it while sitting down and standing up.
  • EXPANDABLE WORK SURFACE—Slide off bottom extends the top of the stand, increasing work surface from 13 inches to 22 inches.
  • EASY TO SET UP AND REQUIRES NO TOOLS—Sets up in less than 45 seconds.
  • FREE DOCUMENT HOLDER—Keeps paper at eye level while typing.
  • DURABLE—Made from high quality materials, so can withstand extended use.

The Original and Plus models are essentially the same, except the Plus comes with two clip-on accessories: a cup holder and a PDA holder. So as you head back to school, make sure Tabletote is on your essentials list.

Sold exclusively via, Tabletote’s stands are top sellers. Of the 100s of laptop stands being sold, their Original and Plus Tabletote are both in the TOP 20. Their products are priced with the college student in mind, with the Original Tabletote selling for just $25.99 and the Tabletote Plus for $27.99. Compare that to other stands selling for between $75-$100! ORDER YOURS NOW AT AMAZON.COM.

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