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The perfect time for marriage depends on you

Have you ever considered marriage? Long term relationships are simply the foundation for a lifetime of love and intimacy with your partner. How do you know when the time is right?

As your progress through your relationship and you become more comfortable with your partner you may begin to question your future with him/her. Marriage and commitment may become topics in conversation as well. It’s not easy to know when is an appropriate time for a marriage proposal because it varies for everyone. Some people decide to marry within a month of meeting someone and others prefer to spend a few years dating prior to taking it to the next level.

Although there is no exact time that can ve pinpointed for marriage, studies show that individuals who wait until their thirties to marry for the first time don’t have better odds of staying with their spouses. They actually have the same risk of divorce as someone who marries in their teens. Dr. Alan Hawkins, chairman of the Utah Healthy Marriage Initiative, says that “There is some data now suggesting that ‘sweet spot,’ in terms of marrying, is really in your mid- 20s”. Research presented shows that it’s best not to marry too young and also avoid marrying for the first time past thirty. 

Dr. Alan Hawkins says that in our mid twenties, “We get a better sense of who we are and what our values are,” therefore marriages have stronger foundation and last longer. People who decide to postpone marriage until after they finish college or until they are secure financially have a higher risk of divorcing opposed from those who chose to marry while still in college.

The most important aspect of marriage is not necessarily when you marry but who you marry. You should marry someone you cannot live without. This should be someone who makes you happy in their presence and sad in their absence. Your soul mate will be someone you can relate to on a physical and psychological level. When you feel as though you have found the right person you can then consider marriage.

Take in to consideration that the best time to marry may be in your mid twenties and you risk hindering your relationship with your partner by marrying to soon or waiting too long. You should also consider having a discussion about what both of you want for your future together. Marriage must be a reciprocal agreement, something both of you want. There is a significant amount of responsibility that follows proposal and commitment; you must be ready to take on those obstacles together.

Marriage is a huge milestone in life that many individuals look forward to. If you feel as though you couldn’t live another day without that person and the feeling is mutual between the both of you, marriage may definitely be something to consider. Reflect on what you would have to lose or gain by proposing to your partner at the stage you are in your relationship and discuss what both of you want. You are the ultimate marriage clock in your relationship; if you love one another then marriage may indeed be right for you.

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