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Truffles send Erryn packing on "MasterChef"

Janelle Vreeland

Gordon Ramsay

Truffles inspire Jennifer to take a risk that nearly sends her home

Truffles brought out the best and worst in the “MasterChef” contestants last night as the remaining eleven were reduced to the top ten.

The night started well for Jennifer as she won the evening’s mystery box challenge. The contestants’ boxes included ingredients like butter and assorted spices, but the main challenge came from the judges’ own mystery box — four lb. lobsters! Jennifer was at the top of the heap with her dish which won praises from all three judges. Christian, who thought his dish should’ve been one of the three tasted, was visibly upset, pacing behind his station, eating and ignoring Jennifer’s compliments from the judges. After being called out for his behavior, Christian settled down and Jennifer was given an advantage in the elimination test.

It was revealed that the elimination test would involved ingredients considered to be aphrodisiacs: truffles, oysters and artichokes. Jennifer decided that the contestants would be working with truffles as their main ingredient when another twist was revealed. Jennifer was given the choice of sitting out the elimination test all together! In a move that shocked everyone, Jennifer decided to participate in the truffles elimination test knowing that she could be eliminated.

While Christian and Giuseppe redeemed themselves following lackluster performances, Erryn and Adrien found themselves in the bottom. And, much to her dismay, Jennifer rounded out the bottom three.

In the end, the truffles sent Erryn home and gave Jennifer and Adrien a reality check as both were warned that a repeat performance of that caliber could send them home next.

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