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Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Discontinued

Katy Hollingsworth

Spencer confirmed yesterday that the Titanfall bundle for Xbox One will be discontinued.

Titanfall launched earlier this year to the accolades of many who believed the hype that this was truly the next-gen of FPS. Did Titanfall deliver? That’s difficult to say.

Difficult enough to say in fact that Phil Spencer confirmed yesterday via Twitter that the Xbox One bundle for Titanfall was going to be discontinued. Perhaps it’s being replaced by Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but my money is on Titanfall’s underwhelming performance compared to the hype it received pre-release.

As of publishing, the bundle is still available for $500 from third-party retailers like Amazon.

Or, you can hold on to your wallet and wait for the $399 Sunset Overdrive bundle on October 28th. the Sunset Overdrive bundle comes with a white Xbox One.

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