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Indoor Gardening: Tips During Social Distancing

Jess Smith

tips for indoor gardening during isolation

Indoor gardening is a therapeutic and stress-reducing activity. However, it requires time and patience. As the days progress, the coronavirus pandemic is adding more stress to our lives. Most of us are stuck in our homes. Luckily, you can start your small garden during this time off. A perfect channel to turn the anxiety and boredom into a meditative activity.

Know Your plant’s Light Requirements

If you have a sun-loving plant, place it facing north or north-east. Since the sun is harsh in summers than winters, keep your sun-sensitive plants to an east-facing window than the west. Thoroughly monitor the temperature and soil moisture to make sure that the leaves are not burnt, which is an essential part of indoor gardening.

Shower Them Together

Plants that require high humidity, must be spritzed water together. It is also a great way to keep them clean. The dust particles can hinder them from getting maximum sunlight. Make sure to use room temperature water with a low quantity of minerals in it. Mist the plants during a cool temperature, either early morning or in the evening. Never spray mist on the plants in fully exposed sun.

Feed Them Some Fertilizer

Fertilizers come as both, solid and liquid, and are great options. The fastest and simplest solution is liquid fertilizer. You can always check the label for the recommended time interval. Over-fertilizing your plants can damage their roots. Better to be on the less side than more.

Bathroom Can Be The Best Spot

Who would have thought that placing your plants in the bathroom can be helpful? Some moisture-loving plants like ferns enjoy their stay in the bathrooms. A place where they can get regular doses of mist.

Order The Indoor Gardening Necessities Online

During this pandemic, shutters are down. It doesn’t mean that you cannot pursue your long-awaited passion for gardening. There are places that offer to deliver plant equipment, including pots and seeds at your doorstep.

Do Not Over Water

Water your plants only when the soil seems dry to the touch. Water is essential, but make sure not to overwater them. Not only do the roots absorb water and nutrients but they also exchange gases through the soil. Think of it “breathing” through roots. This is why it is important to have well-draining pots. Overwatering is often the cause of indoor plant death.

At the End

Indoor gardening requires time, patience and faith. A great way to destress yourself during this isolation period. Trust us, it is not that hard!

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