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This Is How You Can Live Like A Celebrity Right Now

Editorial Staff

Imagine a lifestyle where the things you love are completely free.  It’s very possible that at this point in your life you may not have reached the celebrity status that you desire (YET). That’s ok, think of it this way; there is still time to prepare your acceptance speech for the Emmy, Grammy, MVP, or whatever award you are gunning for. But besides displaying that shiny award in your home, what is the most important part of being a celebrity? The ability to get all the things you love for free! And thanks to a new company, there is no need to pass up on the lifestyle of being a celebrity just because you aren’t one yet.

YouPlus, a new company with an extraordinary idea, has figured out a way to make your dreams of living a sponsored life come true. Can you download a free app? Then you can live a sponsored life. It’s that simple. Download the YouPlus free app and start getting the things you want for free.

First of all, what does that even mean to get the things you love for free? It seems unfathomable in the world of “nothing is ever really free.” But in this case, there are things available to you free, things you love and are actually interested in getting. In the simplest of terms – living a sponsored life means you get free stuff for doing what you already do, every day.

Wait. What?

Yes, you read that correctly, YouPlus really does make it happen for you to get free stuff for doing what you already love doing on your phone. The app is free, (yes free) and offers an incredibly simple (and brilliant) way to bring free goods that you love into your life.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Just download the app, choose sponsors and watch an advertisement then get free goods, end of story.

Confused? Don’t be. Here’s how it works: After you download the app you instantly begin to explore all of the great stuff available to you. Let’s say you’re a music nut. Open the music category; select an artist or song from millions of tracks then simply watch sponsor advertisements to begin downloading your music.  Yes – millions of songs are available for free through this app. It basically sponsors you to listen to music for free that you would have normally paid $1.29 a song somewhere else.

It’s not just music that YouPlus offers. It really is anything you may be interested in. Are you still not convinced yet that this is something you need in your life? Well, how about this angle- as a student on a budget it’s not always easy to meet your friends for coffee off of campus.  (Those $4 lattes add up!) After downloading YouPlus you can explore the many different offers for coffee or other things you crave, available around your campus.  Just select sponsor advertisements to watch, and your coffee will be 100% sponsored [free] for you to enjoy.

This app is life changing in the best way possible.

The idea behind YouPlus that makes it successful is so simple it’s genius. Instead of advertisers sponsoring the middleman (or medium), Like Yahoo!, Google or Facebook, YouPlus connected the dots and made it possible for the sponsors to reach the most important one – YOU. Anything and everything in your lifestyle has the ability to be sponsored now through YouPlus. The things you want from your favorite restaurants, coffee shops and retailers, whatever strikes your fancy, could all be completely sponsored for you through this beautifully simple app.

The YouPlus app will be rolling out across college campuses everywhere. So even if you are on a shoestring budget and there are no red carpet interviews in the near future, you can still live like a celebrity.

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