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Punk is back

Over the years Punk has fused many subcultures and styles, but the core has always revolved around a sense of rebellion and controversy; something meant to shock! It last appeared in 2010 but three years later it’s back in its most glamorous form, a whole lot different to its former slant. BANK fashion are all set to channel this through their upcoming ‘Punka’ collection, taking inspiration from Fendi and Versace with bits of Moschino coming through too. The new trend no longer focuses on the authentic punk look but aims to inject a high- fashion feel with the standard dose of attitude.

In a nutshell, it’s time to steer away from the old-style dramatic effects and towards a more elegant look to instil the said shock factor, after all, it’s always more interesting to go against the grain. So in 2013 it’s all about two things; discipline and balance; sounds serious but it’s just about choosing the right tough accessories to compliment your style without letting them take over. The idea is to use the traditional concept of punk to bring together a combination of trends, throwing them off balance where necessary, energising a sense of luxury where appropriate and accentuating the more polished attires with its edginess! So it’s less about an overall theme and much more about being eclectic with its elements – cross feminine with a punk rock edge and it’s safe to say you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Enough musing…so what to wear? Studs are a given, but not a scattering of as many as possible crossed with a layer of spikes and bolts. These tell-tale features are not the way to approach return of the punk. Subtlety. Wear as a dominant, though not over the top detail. While there is the obvious danger of accidently inflicting their penetrating potential upon others when it comes to studs – it’s also very easy to go a bit OTT! But alongside an array of tightly tailored pieces, a leather biker jacket and a pair of BANK’s sexiest pointy heels, finished off with a messy top knot and toned-down make up – there you’ve got it! A timeless look with a subtle punk appeal.

Heavy boots are another key component for ‘punkin up’ an outfit, especially when paired with skinny jeans, leather trousers or as a more feminine alternative, plaid shift dresses or super feminine frocks pair just as well!

Look out for all of this coming through at BANK fashion.

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