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The Firefly might be the most luxurious portable vaporizer on the market

Editorial Staff

The Firefly is dubbed

LED lights, easy loading chambers and a luxurious appearance make this one a must-have

In the 1950’s people used to puff on a pipe or a rolled up cigarette to enjoy their tobacco. Now fast-forward to the present and you can see the dreams of The Jetsons have come alive with tobacco-lovers puffing away on electronic-cigarettes. Vapor is less harsh on the lungs than smoke, so it comes as no surprise that people are turning to this method of enjoying their tobacco.

Known as “the racecar of vaporizers”, the Firefly Vaporizer is the newest portable vape to be hitting the market. Available in red, silver or dark grey, the Firefly Vaporizer is barely even recognizable as a smoking device. Upon seeing me review the product, I got plenty of responses of “Is that a phone?” So, anyone who wants a vaporizer that has a bit of an incognito appearance to it, then the Firefly is perfect for that.

The packaging of the Firefly reeks luxury with it laying on top of a mock velvet bedding in all of it’s shiny glory. This vape comes with a drawstring carrying case, a wall charger and a cleaning kit that consists of wet pads, plastic toothpicks and a small brush. This cleaning case will come in handy, as the tobacco will accumulate after a couple of sessions inside the grooves of the loading chamber. The loading chamber is easy to access, since the face-plate is magnetic and slides off with ease.

After loading it with your leafy substance of choice, the Firefly then heats up with the push of a button on the side of the device. The loading chamber then lights up into a really cool orange glow, indicating your product if heating up! Once the green LED light on the opposite side begins to flash on and off then the Firefly is ready for use. However, I would suggest letting it heat up for at least 20 seconds when first using it, so a proper first drag can be had.

Also note, that the Firefly can get HOT! However, besides the obvious indicator of the vaporizer being really hot to the touch, the LED light will also turn from green to orange, letting you know it is time to let it cool down. If the LED light flashes orange then it is time to charge it up some more with the provided phone charger. The charging life of the Firefly lasts about around 2 sessions, and takes a few hours to fully charge, which means you should have the charger on your person at all times, if you plan on using it on the go.

 Between the smart LED light, the luxurious appearance and the easy-to-use mechanisms of the Firefly, I would give this device a solid 9.5/10, with the .5 missing only due to the low battery life.

The Firefly may seem more expensive at the $269.95 retail price, but honestly I think this amazing vape is worth way more than that. Buy the Firefly at

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