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The Blastmaster is here

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The Blastmaster XL

**This content is sponsored by Mobile Fidelity inc.**

It’s tough. It’s loud. It’s durable and built to last. Developed in 2003, the Blastmaster XL™ was designed by Mobile Fidelity, Inc. with a single objective—to deliver high performance sound while withstanding the toughest conditions imaginable. How tough? Sub-zero temperatures with freezing snow and wind tough. It’s the 21st Century Boombox! The Blastmaster XL™ provides the Auditory Full-fillment you need! Put the MP3 down and share in a rockin’ high-fidelity sound experience—TOGETHER!

What sets the Blastmaster XL™ apart is simple—the entire system is self contained, weatherproof and mounted on a wagon wheel carriage. This makes moving it easy and gives you truly portable high fidelity sound! Bring top of the line stereo components with you. Outside and on the road, the Blastmaster XLgoes wherever you go!

Take it tailgating, to the racetrack, on spring break, to the beach, a motocross, athletic events, skiing/boarding and backyard barbeques. Perfect for DJ events, house parties, fraternities and sororities or team promotions.

Powered by a deep cycle marine battery, the entire Blastmaster XL™ unit is outfitted with an industrial “Raptor” truck bed liner poly finish -so that nothing gets through to the more sophisticated inner componentry. Check out the specs! The Blastmaster XL™ is a supped up version that will blow away any mobile speakers or boomboxes of today.  It comes standard with 2 amps for 2400 watts of sound pumping Power, Bluetooth™ wireless integration, a 12” subwoofer and 8 horn tweeters and many other audiophile features. Loud & Proud—with High Quality Sound!


  • Head unit/deck – CD, mp3, am/fm
  • Inputs: Bluetooth™, USB, headphone jack for your ipod/iphone etc.
  • 12” Subwoofer, 6×9’s and 8 horn tweeters
  • Powered by 2 amps totaling 2400 watt amps
  • Passive equalizer for finer adjustments
  • 120v trickle charge system w/auto shut-off
  • 12v power cigarette style plug outlet
  • Sound enhancing MDF cabinet
  • Remote control for head unit
  • Red LED colored down lighting
  • Battery status indicator


  • Energy independent. Battery powered for hours of generator-free sound, with no noise or odor pollution!! Just pure Rock n/ Roll.
  • Runs on battery power with a long life Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery (single battery run time is approximately 20 hours; optional two AGM deep cycle marine batteries). Plug in for standard charging or upgrade to our solar panel charging system.
  • Link multiple Blastmaster XL™ units together for larger events or for a surround sound experience!
  • An optional 12v/USB mixer allows you to Dj music events with your ipod™ and a microphone.
  • The finish is a spray polyurethane integral colored truck bedliner finish—the toughest industry option for the ultimate in durability. Offered in six standard colors, as well as custom colors or two-tone finishes to match your university or team colors. Additional options include: a 3m™ brand vinyl sticker wrap (create your own custom pattern, logos/ graphics or pictures); or  auto body finish.

All of these features have been designed and installed based on eleven years of experience and R&D employing the strictest indoor and outdoor partying. The Blastmaster XL™ R&D team has employed testing in freezing snow, in desert sun, football tailgating and punishing beach environments, playing over 20 hours straight of music in the harshest climates and seasons! Visit the Blastmaster XL™ website ( or like BLASTMASTER Xl on Facebook™.

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