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The best of beauty products: No. 7 Cosmetics

Princella Talley


It’s always something that marks the transition from a child to an adult or a beauty amateur to a beauty powerhouse. As a fashion lover, one of my first thresholds was crossed when I changed my magazine subscriptions. Sure, that’s small, but it held a sort of personal significance. Another small transition that had yet to be made until recently involved lip gloss. You see, when it comes to clothing and trends, I’m pretty current but when it comes to beauty products and make-up, my credentials aren’t something to be proud of.

Do I know about foundations and primers? No. I’ve only heard of such things because others mentioned them. But, I do happen to be a lip gloss connoisseur. So many colors, so many brands, so much shiny awesomeness. Still, after I while I began to think that I wanted to move forward from the same go to products that I had been wearing since high school. Here enters No. 7.

Introduced to me by a Las Vegas beauty consultant, the No. 7 lipstick lines are beautifully noticeable and full of moisture. The look is enhanced even further when you apply it with a lip brush. It’s pretty much all the moisture of lip gloss with the elegance and glamour of bold lip color. This product line also sells a very wide and diverse range of products and relies mostly on word of mouth to sell, and it can also be bought online. I may not know much about foundations and primers yet, but this great lipstick will make up for it for now.

Anywho, on your next beauty adventure, look for the No. 7 products. More than likely, you will be raving about them just as much as me.

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