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The Smite Plus is a great, affordable vaporizer

The upgraded Smite comes with new features

ZEUSArsenal Smite Plus is a great affordable vaporizer. ZEUSArsenal has always been a key player in affordable portable vaporizers that also excel in durability and life of the hardware. College News previously reviewed the “Smite” which received a solid 4 puffs out of 5 puffs. It’s great price and solid components made it basically a steal. Now, ZEUSArsenal is back with a more improved version of the affordable portable vaporizer, “Smite”, called the “Smite Plus”, and this dry-herb vaporizer is definitely worth every penny.

LED Displays-5 puffs out of 5

Rather than just alerting you of the temperature by the corresponding color of the lights like it’s predecessor, the “Smite Plus” has a full LED display that tells you the exact number of degrees. This makes it much easier, so you won’t have to memorize what colors indicate what temperature, making it so you can control the exact amount of vapor you need.

Chamber Size-4 puffs out of 5

The chamber is really deep, and it is able to fit about 2-3 grams of grinded herb nicely inside of it without clogging. The heating chamber also has a bright light inside of it, which makes loading or taking a look at your herbs extremely easy. 

Vaping Experience-4 puffs out of 5

The actual vaping experience of the Smite Plus is very top notch because of the controlled temperature. The optimal vaping temperature is about 375 degrees, but the “Smith Plus” features a wide range of temps to choose from to get just the right sort of drag from your affordable portable vaporizer.

Portability-4 puffs out of 5

ZeusARSENAL truly understands the meaning of portability. Where a lot of portable vaporizers claim that they are easy to use, some of the end up being clunky or fitting awkwardly in your hands. Smite Plus is slightly smaller than a cigarette box and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.  Just like the Smite, the Smite Plus features a compartment at the bottom of the unit where you can store your mouthpiece and the cleaning brush, making it a nice little storage unit, as well as a sturdy vaporizer.


ZeusArsenal offers a wide range of affordable products, with the Smite also being an affordable option for the basic sort of vaporizers. However, since the Smite Plus has some more efficient features. It is completely a steal for the price of $189. Right now, Vaporizera.com is having a promo sale, where you can get the Smite Plus for $159.

In conclusion, the “Smite Plus” gets a solid 4.5 puffs out of 5. This device is extremely affordable, portable, practical and the customized temperatures makes for a really  moldable vaping experience.

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