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Tech Review: Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature Headphones

Jamie Gillespie

Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature headphones as sold.

Tangle Free Cable and Clear Sound Make Them a Winner for Working Out


Headphones are never an easy purchase. After that pair of Apple ear buds that came with your iPhone stop working, shopping for a fresh pair of ear buds is a struggle. Upgrade to Beats by Dr. Dre? Switch brands and go for Skullcandy? Grab the cheapest pair of ear buds in the electronics department at Target? There are just so many options to consider other than heading up to the Apple store to pick up another pair of EarPods. If you are looking to upgrade your choice in ear buds and ready to pay around $100, look to Phiaton.


When buying a car, you wouldn’t spend the money on a Mercedes S-Class if you plan to go off-roading. With headphones, the primary use for the headphones you are about to buy should be the deciding factor. Will you be wearing them to the gym? Will you use the microphone when you are on the phone? Do they need to be able to fit in your pocket? These are the nonnegotiable functions of ear buds, and the Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature headphones offer all of these functions and more.


Gym: If you are looking for a pair of ear buds to use when working out, the Phiaton MS 100 BA ear buds are a reliable source to keep the music pumping while you’re pumping iron. For the runners of the world, don’t worry about losing the ear buds while running because the headphones come with four sizes of ear tips. Nothing is more frustrating than losing an ear bud when you’re in the zone, and the four sizes of ear tips ensure that your headphones will stay inside your ears. In terms of ear buds, Phiaton is offering one of the best in-ear options available for music lovers that like to hit the gym.


Easy Remote: The Phiaton MS 100 BA headphones have an easy to use microphone for phone calls. It’s an easy one-touch in-line remote that makes it simple to switch between music and calls. A lot of ear buds offer this feature, but the MS 100 BAs try to simplify the system. If you are a fan of the volume control on the remote on Apple’s ear buds, be aware that these headphones don’t offer that option.


Tangle Free: The biggest strength of the MA 100 BAs is the tangle free cable. Nothing kills the mood to listen to music like digging for ear buds in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse only to find a tangled mess. The cable on Phiaton’s MS 100 BA headphones eliminates the frustration of spending time untangling the knots. Phiaton also includes a carrying case to store the conveniently lightweight ear buds and make sure you are not back on the headphone market any time soon.


Sound: The sound quality of the Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature headphones is another selling point. The enhanced clarity for your music is expected with the $100 price tag, but the reason to go for these headphones is definitely the tangle-free cable. Great headphones that are easy to carry make for a smart purchase. One thing to keep in mind is that Balanced Armature headphones are not jumping on the “all about the bass” bandwagon. If you are into dubstep or want to hear a lot of bass when you listen to music, you might want to look elsewhere. For clear, balanced listening of a wide variety of tunes, however, these are a great option. 


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