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Target launches beauty concierge counters

Does a big box store need makeup artists?

Target is known for its simplicity. It’s economically friendly and carries every general item a person could need including clothing, household goods, groceries, a photo department as well as hair and makeup supplies. However, in recent years Target has been transitioning many of its stores for the urban market, focusing on the upscale needs of city elites.

Target’s newest endeavor is installing beauty concierges inside the makeup department. Beauty concierges, if you aren’t aware, are those overly-aggressive makeup artists who pounce on you and attempt to glamorize your look if you come within a 15-foot radius of their station. They usually exist in high-end retailers for pricey makeup lines and are the first thing customers encounter when they enter the store, thereby making them unavoidable.

According to Target’s press release, the beauty concierges are “a highly trained, brand agnostic beauty enthusiast” who will be available to aid customers in perfecting their look without an appointment, noting that “In an often crowded and sometimes daunting marketplace, Target’s Beauty Concierge program ensures that guests receive the friendly, personalized assistance and counsel they need, while purchasing their favorite beauty products at affordable prices.”

So far the new campaign has launched in 96 stores throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area and the corporation has plans to implement the new stations in the Midwest this summer. Based on the success in these markets, Target will decide whether to continue the rollout.

I personally think this is a terrible idea. I shop at Target regularly because it is hassle-free. I know what I want and what I am looking for and if I need help, I’ll ask for it. If I wanted to be hounded by someone working on commission, I’d go to Nordstrom and if I actually need help with my beauty regime, I’d visit Sephora.

Ladies, how do you feel about the changes coming to a Target near you? Are you excited about having your own personal beauty consultant or would you rather be left to shop in peace? Sound off in the comments.

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