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T. Rex bite the most ferocious in history

like an elephant sitting on you

New research suggests that a T. Rex bite has much more force than originally anticipated. The study goes on to say that the Tyrannosaurus rex had the most powerful bite of any land mammal this planet has seen. 

Karl Bates at the University of Liverpool said in a statement, “Our results show that the T. rex had an extremely powerful bite, making it one of the most dangerous predators to have roamed our planet.”

The reason the information has changed is because in the past scientists relied on the indent exposures of a T. Rex bite, in which they pressed down the skull and jaw of the dinosaur to compare it to a bite in a fossil. Now researchers have created a computer model that scanned the skull of a T. Rex, a juvenile T. Rex, an alligator and an adult human.

The computer model was then able to produce a bite that could measure the speed and force of the bite. The result estimated that the force of a bite from the back teeth of a T. Rex would be between 7,868 and 12,814, which would be equivalent to having middle sized elephant sit on you. 

The study also suggests that as the T. Rex aged, its diet would change as well. The juvenile T. Rex did not have near the ferocity of bite and would therefore be forced to prey on smaller animals. This would suggest that a juvenile would not be in competition for food against an adult T. Rex, allowing it to hone its skills as one of the most profound killing machines this world has ever seen.

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