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Study abroad programs

Janelle Vreeland

The basics of study abroad programs

Everyone has heard of study abroad programs, but many don’t necessarily know what is involved in study abroad programs. As Kaplan University details in their publication “Paying for College,” study abroad programs don’t pertain to a certain type of college so much as they refer to the method of study. Basically, study abroad programs allow students to continue their studies outside of their home country. In most cases, it often refers to U.S. students who are involved in study abroad programs in other countries.

Study abroad programs offer students a wealth of experience and memories that go hand-in-hand with their education. Not only to students get to study abroad, they get to live, work, travel and make friends abroad. While many who enroll in study abroad programs are interested in moving to and living in another country, many students simply enroll in study abroad programs for the experience.

In addition, depending on what country and study abroad program you enroll in, your tuition may be cheaper than it is in the U.S. As Kaplan points out, more and more students are pursuing degrees in Canada because they can get a great education for less money than in the U.S.

Interested in enrolling in a study abroad program? Inquire within your school about any existing study abroad programs. If they don’t provide any, you can also look into these independent study abroad programs:

Global Learning Semesters

AIFS Abroad

Hispanic Study Abroad Scholars Program

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