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Study Abroad in Beijing

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Study Abroad in Beijing

While looking for the perfect destination to study abroad can be overwhelming, it can also be very fun, and once the choice is made, the adventure of a lifetime starts taking place.

If your desires are further afield than the West, look no further than Beijing. It will be a culture shock, it will be exciting, it will be totally different from what you are used to. Below are some reasons that studying abroad in Beijing will be worth it.


Studying in Asia is actually cheap in comparison to studying in most European countries. China is no different. In fact, it’s cheaper to travel, eat, and live in Beijing than it is in other Chinese cities, making it a destination that is easy to afford for college students living on a tight budget. You’ll find that by exploring local restaurants and markets, you’ll be able to eat as cheap as $10 per day. If you are worried about affording getting to China, many cross-cultural programmes are in place that offer scholarships.

Cultural difference

Chinese culture is vast. Within that vastness is a thrilling diversity and fascinating history. Through living in Beijing you’ll learn how Chinese people live now, from viewing the Buddhist temples that are scattered across the city, as well as learning about household and professional manners and norms and local cuisine. Furthermore, the more time you spend in Beijing, the more experience you have talking to locals, will teach you about the Eastern and more collectivist point of view that they have. You will emerge from your studies a more empathetic and understanding person.

Chinese cuisine

From noodles, to soup, to fish, to chicken claws, to milk tea, to shrimp and cucumber dumpling, you will fall in love with the cuisine and will get the chance to eat in restaurants with dishes from across the world. As many capital cities are, Beijing is a hub for different cultures, so if you need comfort food because you miss home, for as low as a price of USD $1 you can enjoy a familiar breakfast. Likewise, if you are wanting to explore culinary horizons, Beijing has you sorted.

Unique classes

Although all we want to do is travel when we visit another country, taking classes is the major focus of spending time abroad. But classes in Beijing will focus on topics you’ve never explored in such depth before, China’s history, language, economy and culture and will be closer to the Confucian style of teaching – longer classes but less times per week. You won’t have a better opportunity to learn about China than when you study in Beijing.

Endless exploring

There are countless neighborhoods to explore in Beijing. You can go to Houhai, one of the many hutongs in the city, and get on a boat around the lake after visiting a tea house; visit Sanlitun to dance in the best clubs after a shopping spree, walk around the 798 art district and taste traditional noodles, and visit the Olympic Park. There’s a different activity you can do each weekend, so that by the end of the semester you will know which places to visit the next time you travel to Beijing.

Access to Asia

Not only can you explore Beijing, but also travel to other wonderful cities, towns, historical sites, and parks. The good thing about living in the capital is that you’ll have transportation connections to almost every single part of Asia and the world! And you can travel by plane, bus, or train.

Professional advantages

Living in a big city has many advantages – one of them being the vast job field and the wide array of professional opportunities. If you’re looking to do an internship, Beijing is the place to go, bursting with businesses looking for experienced and international individuals who will bring a different perspective.

Art attack

Apart from having its own art district with art galleries and museums at every corner, Beijing is a melting pot of art from all over China, having traditional Chinese opera, acrobatic shows, museums, underground and stadium concerts…you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of Chinese art, meet artists from all over the world, and see things you have never seen before.

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