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Story Time with Rahm Emmanuel

Marci Savage

Flyer from Occupy Chicago

Occupy Chicago

At the latest General Assembly, Occupy Chicago announced one of its next actions will be Monday October 31st, 2011 at 10:30am at City Hall on the 5th Floor. It is in conjunction with Librarians from various Librarian Associations around the area who support Occupy Chicago and disagree with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s recent actions. They are calling it, “Story Time with Rahm Emmanuel”.

Occupy Chicago has been finding it difficult to find a permanent home in Chicago. They had started occupying Grant Park when the Mayor under pressure from business interests and city council decided to remove them.  Relations between the Chicago Police Department and Occupy Chicago have been good and did not escalate to arrests until the Mayor made the order.

Here is where it gets interesting. They are enforcing curfew for Occupy Chicago, however, whenever there is a paying venue they have made exceptions to the curfew for those events. Those attending the events have been not been harassed or arrested by CPD for being in the park after curfew. So as long as you are paying a certain amount to the City it’s ok to break the rule? 

But there is more. State police have been called closing down the Thompson Center Plaza, a first. More on this story can be found here.

Something is not right in the City of Chicago and it seems the Occupy Movement has hit a nerve with both government and corporations.

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