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Sony Playstation Has a Tough Weekend Through Bomb Threats and DDoS

Katy Hollingsworth

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Sony had a tough weekend between the service going down and a bomb threat against Sony president John Smedley.

If you thought you had a hard weekend, think again.

Most Playstation users are aware that the service was down this past weekend, leaving 53 million PS players unable to connect. The DDoS occurred throughout the weekend, though no sensitive information was obtained by the hackers, according to Reuters.

The hacking also occurred at the same time a bomb threat was issued to the American Airlines flight carrying Sony president John Smedley. The flight was diverted to Phoenix, AZ, before reaching its final destination of San Diego.

The hacking and bomb threat were both posted under the Twitter account @LizardSquad.

Microsoft reported today that its services are up and running with no issues. The FBI is currently investigating the bomb threat against American Airlines Flight 362. They also believe that tracking down Lizard Squad will be easy due to poor operational security.

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