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SOL REPUBLIC DECK is still better than the Beats Pill

Even with an average sound, the bluetooth speaker is still better than the Pill

‘Tis the season to barbecue! Of course with the sounds and aroma of sizzling meats on the grill, a true barbecue is not complete without some tunes to go along with it. Thankfully, Sol Republic has you covered with the SOL REPUBLIC X Motorola DECK. This wireless speaker can be taken anywhere with it’s Bluetooth enabled features. This nifty little device even has heist mode, where up to 5 people can fuse with the device at once and take turns playing songs.

For those who want to use it as a laptop or TV speaker, it does come with an auxiliary cable. This is great for devices you want to use, but does not have Bluetooth capabilities. The SOL REPUBLIC X Motorola DECK also comes in a few different summer-oriented colors, which are lime green, red, blue and a standard black color.

In a society where there are nearly millions of different Bluetooth speakers, what makes SOL REPUBLIC’s stick out from the others? SOL REPUBLIC’s feature layout is as convenient as it gets with buttons on the top that are in the shape of plus and minus signs, that function as the volume buttons. While it seems that the Motorola button at the top would be the power button, it is actually that button that changes the speaker from outdoor to indoor mode. The speaker lets you know what mode you are in, by a very pleasant voice speaking the mode that it is in.

Of course, with speakers the most important aspect is sound! Well, the reason I saved it for last is because sound is definitely not the strong point of this Bluetooth speaker. The DECK switches from indoor mode to outdoor mode with barely any noticeable change. When plugged into my HP Pavilion, I found that this speaker turned to full volume was basically the exact same bass level and sound level as my HP Pavilion turned all the way up. So basically the speaker is just a portable laptop speaker.

If specialized features are important to you then this SOL REPUBLIC speaker is one that you should definitely check out. Although it’s sound quality is good for laying down at the beach with three other people, this is not the type of speaker you bring to a party and expect to get some bass-pumping action.  Overall, the SOL REPUBLIC gets an A+ for unique features buy a C for sound. Do note however, that with the C for sound, I would give its direct competitor, the Beats’ pill a D+ for sound and a C for features. Buy the SOL REPUBLIC X Motorola DECK for the price of $199 HERE

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