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Sharon Osbourne slams Kanye West

Nikki Shewmaker

Let's see if Kanye West can remain modest and not respond

The outspoken wife of Ozzie Osbourne made it clear that she was not impressed by Kanye-I”m the center of the universe-West

Sharon Osbourne has never been known for her tact and that’s why people love her. Sharon Osbourne, wife of music legend Ozzie Osbourne, pulls no punches when it comes to voicing her opinions (be it about her own life or others). It’s what makes her great and a reason why she is often asked to judge reality competitions as well as lead the co-hosts of The Talk.

Currently drawing Sharon Osbourne’s ire is Kanye West. The foul-tempered, egotistical and often delusional superstar clearly thinks he’s a cut above, well, everyone and pitches a hissy fit if anyone dares to disagree with that sentiment. Cue Ms. Osbourne.

In a moment of complete and utter awesomeness, Sharon Osbourne called West “average” and noted, “I have no time for him. He bores me. He’s an average-looking man with an average talent, but he’s a great salesman.”

Seriously, this woman just made my day. Keeping on track with the idea that Kanye West is great at marketing, she said, “He should sell cars because they would f—ing fly out the door. He’s his No. 1 fan.” No doubt Kanye will have an equally unpleasant response for Osbourne, possibly in the form of an ALL CAPS Twitter rant or shoving the photographer who dares mention it to him.

However, Kanye West wasn’t the only male pissing Osbourne off that day as she had equally unpleasant (but true) words about Anthony Weiner. The mayoral candidate, who is notorious for his love of inappropriate crotch shots, is refusing to drop out of the race, which makes Osbourne think he’s “a prick.”

I’d like to slap him,” she said. “He did a news interview … where he seemed so smug and said he only wanted to talk about issues. What a crock of s–t. How much time is he going to spend f—ing around with his d–k, and how much time is he going to spend on the people of New York?”

Word to the wise: Don’t get on Sharon Osbourne’s bad side. Or maybe don’t behave like an obnoxious lout and you won’t be able to snag a spot on her list in the first place.

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