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Sex on the first date: yes or no?

Editorial Staff

First date sex is questionable because it leads to unpredictable outcomes

You enjoyed your evening and the date is coming to a close. Your date leans in for a kiss and you gladly accept the peck. What now? sex? What is he thinking or expecting? Should you invite him in for a little romance or kindly thank him and send him on his way?

Sex on the first date is a never ending controversy because the outcome is unpredictable. Sex on the first date could enhance the date and encourage a relationship or do the exact opposite. Your choice depends heavily on your intentions. You must decide whether your intentions are to be in a relationship or have a casual partner.

If you are interested in being in a relationship with your date then you should refrain from having sex on the first date. Most men enjoy sex and want sex but they also want to fall in love. These two desires are controlled by you. Your decision sets the tone for the relationship. If you fulfill his sexual desires first you set the tone for a physical relationship. That hinders your ability to actually get to know each other. On the other hand if you become more acquainted and get to know each other first you set the tone for a longer lasting relationship.

According to not only will waiting to have sex with your date encourage a more intimate and prolonged relationship but also benefit you sexually as well. Waiting to have sex gives both of you an opportunity to learn little details you may have overlooked if you rushed into sex. Give him chance to learn where you like to be kissed, teased and caressed.

Understand that it is okay to say no to sex on the first date. You must be confident in your decision and be sure to announce it early on. Waiting until both of you are half-naked to break the news isn’t the best idea. Guys won’t necessarily take your gesture as a disappointment. You actually give them a challenge. Your resistance will make him want you even more. His focus will be to create a mutual feeling between both of you; you’ll want him as much as he wants you. Give him a challenge and let him get creative.

Sex on the first date is questionable. If your intentions are to have casual sex then by all means enjoy yourself! However, if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship you should abstain from indulging in sexual activities. Taking time to have sex will enable him to get to know you and grow a psychological attachment to you. Waiting to have sex will also improve your love life because he will have time to focus on the small but important details of intimacy. The longer you wait the more effort, creativity and passion you will receive from him.

There is nothing wrong with saying no on the first date. Making him wait will allow him to value you and appreciate you. Prolonging sexual activity can ultimately improve your sex life. If he can’t accept no for an answer, kindly show him to the door!

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