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Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke’s family faces $550,000 in medical bills, but fans can donate to help

Last week, we reported that Sarah Burke was in a coma following injuries she sustained after crashing on a halfpipe course. Today, we are sad to report that Burke has died.

CTV reports that Burke, 29, died on Thursday. Burke underwent extensive surgery following her accident, but imaging later showed she had suffered extensive brain damage due to a torn artery that cut off the flow of oxygen to her brain. Burke’s family is now facing $550,000 in medical bills, but a website has been established so that fans can help relieve the family of this burden.

The site reads, “Sarah leaves behind her beloved husband Rory, loving parents Jan and Gordon and her supportive sister Anna. Please consider helping them cover the enormous cost of Sarah’s recent medical care and to provide for other arrangements by donating. Your support in their greatest time of need will be gratefully appreciated and forever remembered. We encourage you to share this link with others who have been touched by Sarah.”

As of this writing, $27,652.04 of the $550,000 goal has been reached. If you’d like to donate to help Sarah Burke’s family, you can find more information about it here.

Read more about Sarah Burke and her legacy here.

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