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Ryan Lochte is the new American stud in the water

Lexi Elias

Ryan Lochte

It’s Lochte’s year to shine with the gold medals

Am I the only one that has a major crush on Ryan Lochte? Yes, every American loves Michael Phelps, and jumped to their feet when he made history and won his eighth gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, this year Ryan Lochte has proven that he will not be hiding in Michael Phelps’ shadow.

Before the 2012 races even began, Ryan Lochte was already plastered all over the media as he owned magazine covers, such as Vogue. However, while everyone was hung-up on naming Ryan Lochte the Sexiest Swimmer Alive, his will to win the gold was being overlooked.

Over the past four years, Ryan Lochte has pushed himself and trained harder than ever in order to shine at the 2012 London Olympics with gold medals around his neck. Finally, after four years of training to beat Phelps and win a gold medal, Ryan Lochte took first place in the men’s 400-meter individual medley, a race that Michael Phelps did not even receive a medal for as he took fourth place.

“I’ll tell you what. It’s weird. It’s weird not having Michael with me on the medal stand,” Ryan Lochte said. “I am really surprised he didn’t medal just because, whenever Michael swims, he is always on the medal stand no matter what.”

After winning the first American gold medal of the 2012 London Olympics, Ryan Lochte flashed a smile for the camera that sparkled with stars and stripes – literally. The 27-year-old gold-medalist wore a patriotic mouthpiece that was inspired by the American flag when he smiled for the cameras after winning his first gold medal.

Ryan Lochte went on to help the United Sates win a silver medal on Sunday in the men’s 4×100-meter freestyle relay. Surely, winning the men’s 400-meter individual medley will not be the last time we see Ryan Lochte with a gold medal around his neck as the talented and hard working swimmer has shown the world a very promising year for himself. Ryan Lochte will be swimming for the gold today at the men’s 200-meter freestyle race.

“I’ve said this before: This is my year. I know it and I feel it,” Ryan Lochte said, “just because I put in hard work. I trained my butt off for four years. I feel it inside my gut that this is my year.”

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