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Ryan Braun will cooperate with MLB drug inquiry

Meredith Dobes

Ryan Braun is linked to documents released from Biogenesis, a Miami clinic under investigation for the possible distribution of performance enhancing drugs.

Documents surface linking Braun to Biogenesis

Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers slugger, appeared on three reports released in an article by Yahoo! Sports Tuesday night from Biogenesis, a Miami clinic under investigation for the distribution of performance-enhancing drugs. One of the reports shows Braun owing $20,000 to $30,000 to the clinic.

Braun was also linked to a lawyer who apparently helped him avoid a 50-game suspension last year after testing positive for elevated testosterone levels, according to Yahoo! Sports. However, the reports released showed no drug notations next to Braun’s name.

Biogenesis’s owner, Anthony Bosch, has been linked to various other MLB players, as well.

Braun refutes any allegations that he took performance-enhancing drugs, saying that his lawyers consulted Bosch during the appeal of his positive drug test as an authority on drug tests and the possibility that Braun’s drug test was tampered with. Braun noted that his lawyer and he are listed under “moneys owed” and no other category.

According to the New York Times, Bosch is not a licensed physician in the state of Florida, where his clinic is, and his medical credentials are unknown.

Braun is the first player in the MLB to appeal a positive drug test. MLB officials currently do not have possession of the documents Yahoo! Sports and the Miami New Times released connecting players to Biogenesis. However, MLB officials are aware that they can review Braun’s report following his positive drug test on which he was required to list names of doctors and medical consultants he was associated with. Braun could be suspended for lying if he did not list Bosch or Biogenesis.

“I have nothing to hide and never have had any other relationship with Bosch,” Braun said. “I will fully cooperate with any inquiry into this matter.”

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