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Roger Federer is a hero in both the tennis and the charity world

Lexi Elias

Roger Federer wins the men's Wimbledon trophey for the seventh time.

The Wimbledon champion wins $158,000 for Oxfam International

Roger Federer was not the only winner Sunday afternoon when he claimed his seventh Wimbledon title. Thanks so Nick Newlife, from Oxford, southern England, Oxfam International won more than $158,000 with the victory of Roger Federer.

On July 8, most of Britain was cheering for Andy Murray to become the first British Wimbledon men’s champion in 76 years. However, Oxfam and its staff were adamantly rooting for the Swiss champion, Roger Federer, to capture his seventh Wimbledon title and tie Pete Sampras for the most wins.

“All of Oxfam have been cheering Federer’s progress for the past couple of weeks,” said Oxfam’s Andrew Barton.

Ten years ago, Newlife placed a bet of $2,350 at odds of 66 to 1 with bookmakers William Hill on Roger Federer winning seven or more Wimbledon titles. When Newlife died in 2009, the tennis lover left his entire estate, including his bet slip from 2003, to Oxfam International.

Oxfam is an international organization that works to fight poverty and provide emergency and development aid around the world. With the $158,000 Oxfam has collected with the victory of Roger Federer, Oxfam will be able to supply 10,000 people hit by the food crisis in west Africa with a month’s worth of food.

“The real hero, though, must be Mr. Newlife, for his generous gift and his tremendous sporting acumen,” said Barton.

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