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Review: "Under Pressure" by Logic

Adrianna Velazquez

One of the best hip-hop albums of 2014.

Maryland emcee Logic recently released his highly anticipated debut album, Under Pressure via Def Jam Records and it is nothing short of impeccable.

The young emcee who has had multiple tours and mixtapes with features from J. Cole and Kid Cudi delivered a successful freshman album that is raw, brutally honest and sonically sophisticated.

The 12-track album is darker than his previous work but it’s an honest narration of his life; an open letter to listeners about his upbringing, family struggles, and obstacles breaking ground as an aspiring artist.

The record begins with “Intro” where Logic’s vocal abilities are put to the test and the overall feel for the album is established by the lively beat.

Logic’s first two releases prior to the dropping of his debut album are “Buried Alive” and the title track, “Under Pressure.”

“Buried Alive” is one of the more radio-friendly tracks on the album and serves as a motivational anthem as Logic expresses an internal battle of doubt to chase big dreams.

The title track, “Under Pressure” is reflective track about his career and life struggles that sample real voicemails from his family, making it that much more personal.

“Growing Pains III” is one of the more brutally honest songs that showcase Logic’s honesty and vulnerability. Here he opens up to listeners as he describes the first time he heard gunshots and other pains he experienced during his adolescence. The stinging lyrics dig deep into his story as he laments, “End of the month is the worst of the month / But the first of the month, put the weed in the blunt / That welfare check, won’t never bounce like my daddy did / But I’m glad he did ’cause it made me strong.”

“Nikki” is a haunting track that exemplifies Logic’s cravings for his addiction while “Now” is an inevitable track dedicated to acknowledging his haters and doubters as the fuel that feeds his fire.

The closing track, “Till The End” is a compilation of his final remarks on his story, his struggles, his success and his future; a friendly reminder to fans and haters alike that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Overall the album is sophisticated and delivers Grade A tracks that take us deep into his story and plans for the future. Logic’s honesty and vulnerability are admirable and his original lyrics are an oath to his authenticity as an artist.

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