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Resume writing tips

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Follow our tips on writing a resume to help land your ideal job

We all dream of having the perfect job, one that lets us make time for family, pays well and gives us the ability to live life comfortably. However, with the struggling economy and high competition we’re facing, it can seem nearly impossible. This may cause recent college graduates to give up job searching entirely and turn to retail or working at a restaurant in order to pay their bills. But, graduates should not lose hope just yet. Follow our resume writing tips, and you’re sure to craft a resume that will secure that ever so coveted job.

Resumes have become the backbone to landing a job and are the most important way to show off your skills and experience. Without a resume, you’ll be unable to illustrate your abilities to potential employers. It is important to have a resume that stands out from all the others. With these resume writing tips, a college graduate should no longer fear the world of employment.

Resume writing tip #1

As you may already know, having a specific focus is vital for your resume. You should clearly state what you want to do in your career and how exactly you can make a difference to the company. Having an objective section is what will set your resume apart from the ones that do not have one. Sandy Marcus, career and educational service leader from the Illinois Institute of Technology, talked about the importance of an objective statement.

There are different avenues to stating an objective statement, but you want your resume to be a stand-alone document. You shouldn’t rely solely on a cover-letter because an employer may not even look at it. You can write an objective statement that is for your benefit, what you want to get out of the company and how you will contribute and use your skills. It is much more powerful and to the point to write an objective that is for the company’s benefit. You want to tail your objective statement directly to the company and the position you are applying for. Highlight ideas like “to increase sales, “to improve market shares” or “improve quality.” Also, as a recent graduate, employers will focus more on your educational background, rather than the job titles you’ve held.

Resume writing tip #2

As resume writing tips go it’s best to have someone review your resume for thirty seconds and then ask what parts jumped out to them the most. This will show you if you need to change the layout or add anything else that is important, and you want the employer to see it. Also, it is wise to stick to one page, so the company does not have to flip through pages among pages to find how you will benefit the company. But, always keep in mind to show what you can do for the company, and while you should tackle this in your objective statement, your experiences should also touch on the topic.

Companies look for qualities of energy, reliability, maturity, and commitment. If students don’t have much work experience, they can discuss activities or volunteer work within their resume to show the company that they do obtain these qualities. Make these aspects visible with different fonts and formatting but don’t over do it.

These resume writing tips should help you get started on creating the perfect resume. Remember to continue to follow up with possible future employers and send thank you e-mails or cards after an interview. This will make your resume stand out from all the others and prove you are dedicated to getting the job. Jobs do not grow on trees, so don’t be lazy and work hard!

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