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Autzen Stadium, 2011 football season

University of Oregon 2012

2012 has been a hectic year for the Oregon Ducks. Kicking off the year in Southern California, the Ducks did not disappoint their thousands of fans. Students seem to be flooding the city of Eugene, given the number of applications the university has recieved for the up-coming year has skyrocketed. While the weather may be gloomy up in Eugene, that doesn’t affect Oregon University’s shining future.

Within the past few years, Oregon University has become a household name. Before, this recognition was only a dream. Now, Oregon has grown to be a nationally known school with great academics and athletics.
There was a scare for Oregon when talks circulated of their winning coach, Chip Kelly, leaving the school for the NFL. Fortunately, Chip has the Ducks backs (as does Nike chairman ‘Uncle’ Phil Knight).  Oregon might have lost a few outstanding players to the NFL draft, but their recruiting class and the players they have left should still be able to maintain a winning streak.

The one amazing thing people love about Oregon is that it’s actually not about how many games the school wins. It’s about how its fans rally behind the school to be known and heard. Duck fans are hardcore fans, and even if you do not love the Ducks, a stop by the Autzen Stadium for one game will instantly change your mind.

Keep your eye out for the PAC-12 school. It’s guaranteed not disappoint.

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