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Protect your gear with iSafe's Collegiate Laptop Backpack

Pump thieves full of 120dB of regret

Picture this scenario: You’re walking through your campus, backpack stuffed with your iPad, smartphone, laptop, textbooks and other valuables slung across one shoulder. Maybe a zipper is partially open, or some nefarious dude just sees an opportunity to strike. With an ordinary backpack, your only option may be to report the thief to campus security and pray your items are returned. 

iSafe has other ideas. Like the ability to instantly and effortlessly trigger an alarm on your shoulder strap the second your valuables get swiped. That alarm, by the way, is 120dB — the equivalent of a rock show or ambulence siren up close and personal. And just in case that doesn’t get people’s attention and stop the thief dead in his tracks, the strobing LED lights probably will. 

On the features side, it also boasts a roomy interior (it’ll hold a laptop with a screen as large as 15.4″), secure compartments for your smaller, mobile gear and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

You can read a full review of the iSafe Collegiate Laptop Backpack here, and our sources say the product could be coming to a campus bookstore near you very soon. 

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