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**This content is sponsored by Precision Tables**

Precision Tables was the brain child of Pat Viste, who was inspired to build a beer pong table like no other. After playing on a variety of surfaces, some of them very creative, he decided to step it up a notch. He built his first table from some maple flooring he found in his parents’ barn and some 1×4’s and 4×4’s for the legs. It was all material he had in his possession that he repurposed into his first attempt at a beer pong table. After that, he felt compelled to continue improving his design until he created the perfect beer pong table. “My dad always said that if you are going to do something, do it right,” explains Viste. After a year of preparation, Precision Tables was legally formed and started commercial production.

What makes Precision Tables different is each table is 100% customizable, designed out of quality material to be exceptionally durable and it can be personalized to reflect your interests. Viste explains, “I have created such a wide variety of table designs, from the expected Fraternity or Sorority logos to the surprise request for a Hello Kitty beer pong table. Nothing is off limits.”

The website walks you through the design process, even providing a free, no obligation 3D rendering of your personalized beer pong table. Once you’ve decided on a table design, there’s a simple 20 step building process and you’ll have your table delivered to you in about three weeks.

Not only are beer pong tables from Precision Tables entirely customizable and durable, they’re also portable. The legs can fold up so your table can travel with you to a special event, a tailgating party, a beer pong competition or it can double as a display table and come with you on the road.

There are two types of tables produced by Precision Tables, the standard series at 20”x96”x27.5” which complies with the World Series dimensions, and the full size series which is a more impressive table at 30”x96”x30”. No matter which table you select, you are certain to get positive reviews from your beer pong playing guests with such a high quality playing surface. Adding a personalized logo is just a little added bonus, especially when you get to razz your friends by supporting an opposing group or team.

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