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Patrick Schwarzenegger booted from nightclub

Nikki Shewmaker

Patrick Schwarzenegger looks studious- a far cry from Saturday night.

Movie Star’s son used fake ID to gain entry

Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of action icon and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, caused a ruckus over the weekend at famed Hollywood hotspot Sayers Club. This is a far cry from the charming young man who tweeted about politics last November.

Apparently trouble started for Patrick Schwarzenegger, 19, on Saturday evening after he used a fake ID to gain entry into the nightclub. After sitting down with his friends, Patrick Schwarzenegger somehow kept bumping into the DJ’s equipment, despite being asked several times to be less rowdy.

Resident Sayers Club DJ, Anthony Valdez, then became the target of the harmless, although irritating bad temper of Patrick Schwarzenegger. The USC student became unruly and began throwing ice, until a cocktail waitress recognized him and alerted security to the fact that he was a minor. Patrick Schwarzenegger was promptly booted from the club, which only increased his rage.

Once outside, Patrick Schwarzenegger could be heard telling friends, “I’m gonna beat the f–k out of the DJ. He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner.” 

Patrick Schwarzenegger then made a beeline for an SUV and tried to climb in, but was denied access by the driver. It is unclear whether or not Patrick Schwarzenegger and the vehicle’s driver knew one another, but cameras caught the youth aggressively waving his hand in the driver’s face.

On Monday, Patrick Schwarzenegger released a curt apology via Twitter, stating, “Excuse my language. I apologize.” Publicists for the Schwarzenegger’s had no comment to the situation.

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