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Newest Internet Fad: "Tebowing"

Jalesa Hall

Tim Tebow

“Tebowing,” inspired by Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos

Internet fads have a hate/love relationship with our culture. We love to hate them, but secretly attempt them in the privacy of our own homes. Everyone knew someone that had a “planking” picture and tried to “owl.” The latest craze, “tebowing,” was inspired by Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos’ quarterback because he is regularly seen in the position before, during and after games. 

To accomplish this correctly:
1) Kneel down
2) Place elbow on knee
3) Put fist or forearm on forehead
And now you have successfully “tebowed.”

Given the recent popularity of the Broncos and Tim Tebow, “tebowing” might catch on faster than we think. Be the first of your friends and that way they’ll think you started the trend.

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