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New planet located in habitable zone

Janelle Vreeland

Artist's conception illustration of the new planet Kepler-22b

New planet Kepler-22b: Scientists have not ruled out the possibility of life

A new planet has been discovered by researchers and its discovery is exciting scientists and science/space fans everywhere.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the new planet is 600 lightyears away from Earth. This new planet also has roughly the right temperature for plant and animal life to exist. The new planet is located in the “Goldilocks zone” — the zone where the elements are just right for life.

“This is a phenomenal discovery in the course of human history,” Geoff Marcy of University of California, Berkeley, said of the new planet. “This discovery shows that we Homo sapiens are straining our reach into the universe to find planets that remind us of home. We are almost there.”

The new planet has been named Kepler-22b and is very similar to Earth, with the exception that it is a bit too big for life to exist on its surface.

NASA announced the new planet’s discover on Monday.

Read more about the discover of the new planet Kepler-22b here.

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