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National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest

David Morales

Oder-Eaters: George Aldrich

NASA master sniffer knows stank!

Odor-Eaters understands kids are known for creating some stank messes and peculiar odors and now they are getting an award for it. Hosted at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker contestants came from across the country to compete and show off their smelly sneakers. For a chance to win a national title, contestants prepared a muster of foul, nasty and often maggot infested mess made up of an assortment of animal poop and rotten and decomposing parts. Also, feet!

“So, in Alaska like we go hiking a lot. I don’t treat my sneakers very well. They’re rough”—Connor Slocombe

College News: I understand that we have some foul smells to talk about?
NASA’s Master Sniffer George Aldrich:
We sure do!
Connor Slocombe: Yeah!

CN: How sensitive are our noses when it comes to foul smells?
George Aldrich:
 That’s a tough question, but start off by saying that I’m NASA’s master sniffer. I’ve been smelling for NASA for 43 years. I have a NASA certified nose and must certify my nose three times a year to belong to NASA’s solar panel.

CN: Connor, what was winning the Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest like?
Connor Slocombe:
I was super happy and excited because I’ve tried to make it for three years in a row and then I made it just this last time! Then I made it here, so this is like a dream come true. So, I’m super excited!

CN: What are some of the ingredients for a disgusting smelling sneaker?
Connor Slocombe:
So, in Alaska like we go hiking a lot. I don’t treat my sneakers very well. They’re rough. Then I step in like dog poop, goat poop, chicken poop, salmon guts, like fish guts and like I got in like octopus’s tentacles. Once I left them out, maggots got into them.

CN: Tell us more about the contest.
George Aldrich:
Well, you have a regional competition in a few locations and then the winner of that goes on to the national competition here in New York. That’s when you go up with seven other or six other kids.

CN: How did you get started with this?
George Aldrich:
 We have a local contest where I live in New Mexico. So, I got started at the local contest and then Odor-Eaters invited me over into the national level 18 contests ago. This is my 18th contest.

CN: Where can viewers at find more information?
George Aldrich:
You can go to From there you can see about the contest.

CN: Have there been any major scientific breakthroughs through this program?
George Aldrich:
No nothing like that! Maybe making the Odor-Eaters products little stronger. So, they can help some of these kids I guess.

Make sure to check out our satellite video interview with this year’s winner and NASA’s Master Sniffer George Aldrich, who help College News magazine inform us on how to make the perfect rotten sneaker.

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