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Natalie Wood death case: bruises from drowning?

Elif Geris

Natalie Wood death case reopened by boat captain's allegations

Natalie Wood death case reopened by boat captain’s allegations

Over 30 years ago, West Side Story actress Natalie Wood drowned, but now the real cause of her death has been dubbed undetermined. Bruises were found on the body of Natalie Wood that did not seem to correlate to a drowning incident. Natalie Wood’s death certificate has been modified from “Accident” to “Undetermined,” since detectives made the discovery.

But in a story published in January, the Los Angeles County Sheriff said the Natalie Wood death had to have been an accident. The 31-year-old belief of how Natalie Wood died is that she drowned after falling from a yacht near Catalina Island in California, whicle trying to adjust its dinghy. Natalie Wood was on a trip aboard the Splendour with husband Robert Wagner and Brainstorm co-star Christopher Walken.

The sheriff’s department issued a press release on July 6th, which revealed that the Natalie Wood death case has been reopened. On Nov. 17th, Dennis Davern, the boat’s captain, alleged of a fight between Wood and Wagner, 82, just before her fatal fall.

But according to Los Angeles County Sheriffs, Wagner is not a suspect of the Natalie Wood death. In conversations with the press in 2011, a woman revealed to the press that she heard a female voice screaming for help. A lifeguard captain also spoke of seeing a Natalie Wood corpse in the water.

Natalie Wood has starred in 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause, when she allegedly seduced her way into a role, a film remake of Gypsy, and others. But her career began during her childhood, when she starred in Miracle on 34th Street.

According to The Hollywood Report, the question still remains of whether any furtheraccident-related evidence can be found, but forensic pathologist Michael Baden said, “It would be very hard to find anything new on a boat,” the boat presumably having been refurbished.

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