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My College Secret encourages students to divulge all

Tell the world your deepest secrets anonymously

Ever have a secret so outrageous and embarrassing that you can’t bear to divulge it to your best friend, and, yet, you find yourself just aching to let someone know?

Never fear, My College Secret has created just the outlet for you.

The site works on a concept not unlike that of PostSecret. Basically, an individual can post their deepest and darkest secrets safe in the knowledge that no one will know it’s them.

Submitting a secret is easy enough — the user simply selects his or her age and sex from a drop-down menu before typing in the juicy secret. There is also a drop-down menu that lists colleges and universities that allows the user to identify their alma mater if they wish to do so. But, if the user’s school is so small that he fears his secret will be find out, the user can also choose not to disclose his school.

Apparently, not all submissions are posted to the site, but those that make it are pretty interesting. So far, most of them have to deal with love and sex. Go figure.

How about you? What would you dish as your college secret?

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