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Mosque vandalism and anger from radical Jewish settlers

Elif Geris

What the “price tag” is to angry Jewish settlers, branding mosques

The Grand Mosque of Jabaa in Palestine was set on fire Tuesday and defaced, donning Hebrew warnings of war. Angry Jewish citizens broke through a window and burned down part of a wall and a carpet.

Jerusalem residents saw light coming from the mosque’s windows around 1:30 a.m. and hurried to extinguish the potential damage.   

According to Micky Rosenfeld, spokesman for Israeli police, the mosque vandalism took place directly in between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

According to The New York Times, mosque vandalism was not the only form of impact of angry Jewish settlers and is not completely new to the country. This marks the fourth act of mosque vandalism within a year and a half.

Radical Jewish settlers are suspected of maiming the cars of Jerusalem’s Arab residents. Tires were pierced and graffiti reading “Death to Arabs,” “Revenge” and “Regards from Ulpana” was written on the cars. The name of the city, Ulpana, is a common theme in graffiti vandalism against Arabs.

While Ulpana resides on Palestinian-owned land, Israel’s Supreme Court demanded evacuation of the city by July 1st. As the date draws closer, discussions become tighter with Jewish settlers threatening to abandon Mr. Netanyahu’s side if he lets the evacuation follow through.

Another common symbol has been the words, “price tag,” which were written across the wall of the Grand Mosque of Jabaa during the mosque vandalism. Dan Halutz, a former chief of staff of the Israeli Army said the “price tag” represent the exchange of attack for the evacuation issued.  

Abdul Kareem Bsharat is certain that Jewish settlers are to blame for the mosque vandalism, along with the several other offenses. Bsharat said, “This time we succeeded in controlling the fire, but I don’t feel this is over,” adding, “they can do worse than this. Our citizens and their property are in danger.”

Police trained on Monday in preparation for possible violence throughout the process of the potential evacuation, the likely reason for attacks similar the mosque vandalisms.

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