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Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation – A mobile battery lifesaver

Josh Smith

There’s a sudden interest in mobile batteries due to the constant need for power. Running your smartphone or tablet to death can lead to some frustrating interactions. “Why didn’t you call me back?,” she asks, “I got out of work early and wanted to spend some time with you.” Instead she went to the movies, alone, met the man of her dreams, and lived happily ever after. All because your phone died and you missed the call. Mophie doesn’t want that to happen to you and is going to great lengths to ensure that you always have enough juice left to receive those important calls and texts. Their Juice Pack Powerstation is a mobile battery in every sense of the word. By leaning on a unique, minimalist design and combining that with a modest amount of extra power at a reasonable price, Mophie may be just what you need in those emergency situations.

The Juice Pack Powerstation measures at about 4” x 2 1/4” x 1/2”, making it just a bit thicker than an iPhone, but noticeably shorter. This is important because nobody wants to carry an emergency backup power source that’s larger than the phone they want to power. Too big and it may become uncomfortable to tote around. Thankfully that’s not the case here, as it fits nicely into a pocket, back or front, as it weighs in under a pound. It’s available in black or white and features four face lights, used as a meter to determine how much power is left in the battery itself. The inputs have been idiot-proofed, with only USB — for charging the Juice Pack itself — and micro-USB — for charging whatever it is that needs charging. Of course, by using micro-USB as the “out” port, you won’t be able to charges your favorite iDevice, whether it’s iPod or iPhone, without an adaptor.

Because of the size of the battery, charging tablets on the Juice Pack is not ideal. With 4,000 mAh packed inside this packet of power, you can certainly charge most tablets to a level of usability. Most phones clock in between 1,800-2,500 mAh though, giving you the opportunity for nearly two full recharges one just one Mophie Juice Pack charge. With a high-capacity output of 2.1 amps, your phone is able to be charged faster than if it was plugged in at home. The biggest drawback, and truly only conjured because of in-home hardware limitations, is that the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation takes a long time to charge back up for use.

The simple design, both externally and within, allow for the Juice Pack to be handy, useful, but not noticeable. It fits in your purse, your messenger back, or you can carry is loose in your pocket and not worry about it being any larger than most smartphones. Due to the Li-ion battery engineering, you can go days and weeks without recharging it if you find yourself without its need, as the internal hardware implements a very small discharge rate. The price, $79.95, is certainly justified for anybody who finds themselves traveling. Whether you’re hiking through a forest or dashing through an airport, the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation will meet and exceed your expectations.

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