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Monica Lewinsky ready to reveal some secrets

Jill Treacy

Monica Lewinsky planning a tell-all book

The former White House intern reportedly got $12 million for tell-all book about her affair with former President Bill Clinton


Monica Lewinsky has a lot to tell about her scandal and people want to hear about it. According to the New York Post, the former White House intern famous for her affair with former President Bill Clinton has reportedly promised to reveal all of the details involving the sex scandal that almost prematurely ended Clinton’s presidency. Apparently, the 39-year-old is not having much luck getting a job even fourteen years after the scandal and needs to resort to other avenues of income. Maybe the $12 million she is getting paid for the book will suffice for a bit.

While the book is still being shopped, Monica Lewinsky is on her way to embarrassing the former President with supposed love letters, explicit details about their sex life and conversations between the two lovers about Bill and Hillary’s marriage. The letters are said to contain heart-felt messages from Lewinsky to Clinton about her love for him and “how much happier she could make him,” said a source. Unsent letters that were too “raw” will be included in the book as well. Details about their kinky sexual encounters will liven things up even more, and a narration of Clinton referring to his wife as a “cold fish” and joking about their “non-existent sex life” may rock the marriage boat of the now-66-year-old Clinton and the wife who still stands by his side.

Representatives for Monica Lewinsky could not be reached in regards to the book. Since the scandal, Lewinsky received her master’s degree, worked as a news correspondent and launched a failed handbag line. Evidently, the next option is to write a book.

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