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Miami cannibal attack face-eater identified

Elif Geris

Miami cannibal attack face-eater identified

How bath salts caused a man to gnaw most of a human’s face

Rudy Eugene, 31, is the man identified as the cannibal in Sunday’s Miami cannibal attack. When he and the homeless man he feasted on were found on the highway lying naked, Eugene was still gnawing at the victim, and the victim was missing lips, an eye and an ear.

One witness said most of the victim’s face was consumed in the Miami cannibal attack, only blood and a goatee left to recognize him with.

During the Miami cannibal attack, Eugene would not back down even when police told him to stop. Police fired at least six bullets before Eugene finally dropped to the ground, the victim’s flesh hanging from his mouth.

The Miami cannibal attacker is suspected by experts to have shown symptoms related to taking a new street drug called “bath salts.” “Bath salts” is the nickname for an LSD drug.

Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of police, said “The cases are similar minus a man eating another. People taking off their clothes. People suddenly have super human strength,” adding, “They become violent and they are burning up from the inside. Their organs are reaching a level that most would die. By the time police approach them they are a walking dead person.”

According to WebProNews, LSD’s effects include a dangerous rise in internal temperature and cause for the user to feel like his insides are on fire – the likely cause for Eugene’s disrobing and beginning the Miami cannibal attack.  Another effect associated with past users of LSD is attacking with the jaws.

Some are even comparing the Miami cannibal attack to theories of a zombie apocalypse. The homeless man is viewed as easy prey to the man who is suspected to have been under the influence of bath salts.

Eugene’s ex-wife has said that he was a violent man, whom committed crimes like robbery and was angry at the time of Miami cannibal attack.

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