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Men's tight attire: a sexy style or fashion no-no?

Janelle Vreeland

A sense of style doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable

It is understood that women love a man with a sense of style. In the dating or social scene, baggy tee shirts and jeans say a lot about careless fashion. If you are spotted waiting on line to the hottest clubs sporting sloppy and loose-fitting garments, chances are you will be standing outside all night.

Taking into account the opposite end of the spectrum, when does men’s clothing border the “too close for comfort” zone?

Your shirt appears to be made of spandex

No one wants to be seen with that guy at the club who walks around with a skin tight tee and more gel in his hair than is left in the bottle. If you work out, good for you, the club on a Friday night is not a world’s strongest man competition, Arnold.

So wear a nice slim fitting shirt with some breathing room and keep the macho-man display to a minimum. You will probably end up being laughed at by more women then you will end up getting phone numbers anyway so stop being counterproductive and start gaining some modesty.

The underwear you have on rides higher than Steve Urkel’s in the ’90s

If it is getting a little congested downtown near the highway of love, you are probably trying to fit a large beer belly into some shmedium denim. This, my friend, is probably a sign you haven’t updated your wardrobe since high school.

No one likes a tight-ass and that is exactly the impression you will give to your female counterparts while squeezing into a pair of size 32 jeans when your underwear is trying to escape like a male muffin top at a bakery with entirely too much flour.

You sit on your left testicle

Have you ever been attempting to converse with a young lady in class only to shriek like an African wombat during mating season when you happen to squash one of the family grapes? Again cowboy, they are skinny jeans, not Levi stranglers.

Remember to keep it slim but breathable and not embarrassingly tight if you want to impress the ladies with your sense of style. Clothes that fit better can make the wardrobe more appealing than what designer or brand name you have on. 

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