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McKayla Maroney jokes about her internet memes

Elif Geris

McKayla Maroney responds with a photo emulating her silver medal face

McKayla Maroney responds with a photo emulating her silver medal face

The joke on the street, McKayla Maroney, joins in on the laugh around the internet meme that ridicules the disappointment on her face from when she won silver in the Olympics. 

The variation of memes includes a photo of McKayla Maroney’s scrunched lip, paired with raised eyebrows and crossed arms that cover her silver medal. One of the memes reads “Psh. Didn’t wanna pay $8,986 in taxes anyway.” 

Another McKayla Maroney meme is a photo of the USA gymnast looking down at the camera with raised eyebrows, her posture straight. Across the photo read the words, “Oh you vault? Never heard of you. [sic]”

So in response to the internet memes, the 16-year-old cheerfully joked, “I am just not impressed with anything.”

McKayla Maroney also posed in a photo with fellow gymnasts Kyla Ross and Aly Raisman in bathrobes, emulating the original look of dissatisfaction on Maroney’s face.

On The Late Show with David Letterman, Maroney sat with her four gynastics teammates, and told Letterman about the fun they had after they noticed the internet meme.

Entertainment Weekly contributor Annie Barrett referred to McKayla Maroney as the “Posh” of the team of five, and said that she stole the show.

“After I did it, the girls kept pointing it out, ‘You’re doing that face again,’” Maroney said.

One of the memes even features an animated version of Maroney wearing the look of disappointment alongside the animated cast of “Charlie Brown” as they eat at a long table.

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