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Lindsay Lohan rumored to co-star with porn star

Lohan possibly acting alongside James Deen in “The Canyons”

Lindsay Lohan is rumored to have a new role in the movie The Canyons, and her co –star could be a porn star.

If Lindsay Lohan stars in the upcoming movie, she will play alongside James Deen, best known for his career in the porn industry.

Deen is a 26-year-old porn actor and the youngest person ever to win the porn industry’s “Male Performer of the Year” award.

Bret Easton Elis, famous for his novels Less Than Zero and American Psycho, is set to be the screenwriter for the film. Elis tweeted about Lindsay Lohan’s possible involvement in the film.

“James Deen and Lindsay Lohan will star in THE CANYONS,” he wrote. Later he tweeted again, saying, “And I am beyond thrilled that James Deen and Lindsay Lohan will be playing the parts of Christian and Tara in THE CANYONS by BEE.”

Lindsay Lohan’s spokesperson told OnTheRedCarpet.com on June 12 that her involvement in the film could not yet be officially confirmed.

The Canyons will be directed by Paul Schrader, whom is also a screenwriter. Schrader’s screenplays include classic Hollywood movies like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

The Canyons utilized a Kickstarter campaign, a website, in which people can pledge money to help raise money for projects, and it met their goal three days ago. Currently, $159, 015 has been raised for The Canyons.

The film’s Kickstarter page says the movie will document five 20-somethings who are on a quest for power, love, sex and success in today’s Hollywood environment.

Lindsay Lohan is currently taking on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick.

Filming for The Canyons is set to kick off in July after Lindsay Lohan wraps up filming Liz & Dick.

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