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Limp Bizkit is over – no, really

Kristina Vragovic

Fred Durst announced that Limp Bizkit is 'over'

A decade after the band’s peak popularity, Fred Durst calls it like it is


Limp Bizkit is over, Fred Durst announced today. Just in case you were wondering.

The band’s album released last year, Gold Cobra, didn’t sell well. But hope remained. Limp Bizkit recently signed with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money label and began work on two new, promising projects. “This is some crazy Limp Bizkit shit,” Durst told Kerrang! in May. “It’s like the leash has been taken off us and we’ve been given full rein to do as we please.”

Durst sang a markedly different tune today, however. Limp Bizkit’s exciting new projects aren’t enough to get them touring in the United States.

“We’ve boycotted America for many years now,” said Durst, according to Metal Injection. “The reason? We just don’t know what’s going on in America. It’s all about the new catchy thing and that’s always changing. America is driven by record sales. It’s the home of corporations. We’re just Limp Bizkit, so we don’t know how to do anything but Limp Bizkit.”

Though the band is reportedly not splitting up, according to NME, it seems they’ve realized the limits of their popularity.

“Say in 2000, there were 35 million people who connected to this band,” Durst continued. “Twelve years later, lots of those people have moved on. We were a moment in time and it’s over.”

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