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Kembrel fashion offers free VIP cards

Get a free Kembrel card!

Hot fashion for guys and gals is at your fingertips, thanks to Kembrel. Kembrel caters to young men and women everywhere with collections that you’re dying to have at prices that won’t break the bank. Kembrel VIP cards offer even greater discounts for just $10. Now, Kembrel is offering the VIP card free!

How can you land a free VIP card? It’s so easy! Just visit Kembrel’s site and enter “COLLEGE NEWS” into the referral field during registration. After you purchase the card, $10 will automatically be credited back to your account. 

The Kembrel Card gives college students exclusive access to highly stylish, highly affordable fashion, food, and fun. With the card you’ll save and extra 20 percent off every product in Kembrel’s collections, free stuff and discounts on campus, free shipping and 365 days return.

So what are you fashionistas waiting for? Make your way over to Kembrel and hit the campus in style!

Be sure to check out our fashion section, as well, for all of your basic fashion needs!

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