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Kathy Ireland richer than Martha Stewart

Kara Menini

Kathy Ireland only strutting to the bank

Forbes deems former supermodel richest in the world

Kathy Ireland has been dubbed the world’s richest supermodel-entrepreneur.  The former supermodel, who has graced the covers of “Sport Illustrated” three times ,and was in 13 consecutive swimsuit editions in the 80s and 90s, is reported to be worth $300-$350 million. She was first featured in the 1984 “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit Issue.

Kathy Ireland made her money through her “diverse business interests, which includes designing and licensing products such as furniture, rugs and flooring,” according to She has a product marketing company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, which has sold about $2 billion worth of products. compares Ireland’s retail accomplishments to Martha Stewart whom “only” pushed $900 million in retail.

Kathy Ireland branched from her clothing line at Kmart to also sell perfume, shoes, hair care products, bras and even bridal dresses. Ireland is also an author and at 48-years-old is still runway ready. Kathy Irelands hard work has put her not only above Martha Stewart but also above Giselle Bundchen, whom is worth about $250 million, Heidi Klum, whom is worth about $200 million and Cindy Crawford, whom is worth about $100 million. 

According to, Kathy Ireland owes her success not to hard work- but to luck, “Ireland’s success stems from planting her name on otherwise unexciting products, adding a touch of supermodel designer flair and selling it to middle America’s moms.”

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